Brierley Hill Brownies at Oakfield Community Centre.

On Wednesday 15th January 2020 Sporting Club Futsal gave a free futsal coaching session to 1st Brierley Hill Brownies at Oakfield Community Centre.
We were made very welcome by Brown Owl, her volunteers and the Brownies themselves. There were 30 Brownies attending the session and they were very enthusiastic and attentive. 
The Brownies were taught a range of ball skills and we played games such as Dodgeball. At the end of the session we were able to divide the group intro three and played three small futsal matches.
Some of the group taking part in the session played for their local team With moor girls football club. Some had never played before and a few had stated at the start of the session they didn’t like football. However, all the Brownies participated fully in all the activities and looked happy throughout the session.
The size of the community hall was not ideal for such a large group ,however, the 
exemplary behaviour of the Brownies taking part made the session a big success.
My lasting memory from the evening was seeing 30 happy Brownies running away from the Dodgeball screaming at the tops of their voices. 
If you know of a local girls football team or a school who would benefit from a free futsal coaching session please contact us to arrange one.