Girls Futsal Coaching

By Sporting Club Futsal

About Us

At Sporting Club Futsal, we coach futsal techniques and skills to girls aged 5 an upwards

All our coaches are passionate about football and are from backgrounds where the individual child is important when it comes to building football skills. We have played at various levels from youth grass roots football, through to women’s football league, all the way up to being a professional footballer and representing their country.

All coaches have been fully DBS checked and are FA qualified football coaches with first aid training. 

When did we begin?

We are a newly formed company, and our first session starts on the 27th January 2020. We hope to grow and expand setting up new sessions across the Black Country and West Midlands and challenge ourselves to reach as many football players as we possibly can.

How do we coach?

We are a Futsal company that wants to build the whole player. We teach players touches with all different parts of the feet in order to get them faster. As we coach, we will explain to the players why we are doing these touches. This makes sure the players know how these touches are improving them and makes their training more valuable.

This links into learning football skills that the players may have seen on television. This includes creating combinations with the skills. We do this because we believe that if the children can do things such as combinations, then they can begin to introduce these individual skills into a match situation. 

Furthermore, the touches they learn flows smoothly into the skills they learn as the faster their feet are, the better they will be able to perform the specific skill.  Finally, we engage them in match situations such as possession-based games. These games can be adapted during the session in order to support the child or push them further if they need it.

What is our mission?

We want to make a difference in girls competing in football; Making sure they enjoy the game is our main mission as football is a game that can be enjoyed by everybody.

We will put all the specific things in place in order to build the girls confidence and gain self-esteem. FA research has shown that only 3% of mini teams are girls only.

Only 41% of girls under the age of 10 play football whereas 95% of boys are playing at this stage in their life. The majority of girls want “girls only” football and be in a warm environment in order to exceed in the game. 65% of current female footballers started playing before 10, which is where our company comes into place, helping shape these children’s lives on the football pitch.

What makes us unique?

Sporting Club Futsal would be the only girl’s futsal company in the local area. This means the local girls can benefit from us, whereas other children across the country may not get this opportunity. We are hoping that this really takes off so we can expand across the West Midlands to build up more girl’s skills within the game and create an enjoyment around the game.

Development through enjoyment. 

They will see the vision that we have for girls in football as there is so much research out there about girls playing the sport. This includes the Women’s World Cup, which was a massive success here in the United Kingdom. Girls will have seen the women play, or even heard the news about the national team and may want to strive to be like them. People will notice that enjoyment is key for us as a company and everything else comes after.


We want to make a difference in girls competing in football and help everyone we coach fall in love with the game.